Tuesday, January 01, 2013

a woman's work is never done

you know that song, this woman's work' so resonates with me now that i am some hours into 2013... I realize my work is just so never done and for some reason I am that woman, so i have worked through out the holidays and today i could not bear being home and yet there is so much to do so I headed on to work. still working I was thinking about marriage and the fact that so many times you hope you can get married so you can rest but i feel that that's an illusion for any woman, if anything, we work harder married than when we are single. look at today's woman, she is a career woman, a mom, mother, wife, friend, lover and has practically a zillion jobs, the moment she is done with the office, she heads home to make sure the maid did her part, the kids are fed and happy, homework is done, meal is cooked and her husband needs attention. by the time she is done looking after the home and everyone innit, its way way past midnight and she is hopping to have 'me' time but wait, its way past midnight, right? so no 'me' time, she is too tired and needs to sleep and the whole cycle starts all over again her work is just never done, so when does the woman rest? i figured never, which makes me wonder if all the girls that decide to marry super wealthy guys so they can 'chill' actually chill? or is it some of our lot to work forever? just thinking Happy 2013!

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Wonny Arthur said...

i call that a super woman! her strength seems eternal and endless...Nice Piece